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17 My 2024

There are seven topics covered in this website. 

Please click on any topic that might interest you.

SWEDEN - Health Care in a small country with an adventurous population which seems willing to try any new idea  that promises a better life for their citizens.

RON PREDICTS in which I peer into the future.

MONKEYS and ALLIGATORS is a story about some "wild" life in Florida.

HOUSEBUILDING MANUAL  advises how two people can make best use of jigs and nail guns to build their own house.

HOUSEBUILDING as a BUSINESS. The Housebuilding Manual (above) was written for two people who want to build a home and live in it.  But if they plan to build more than one house, some different approaches should be considered.

GARAGE MANUAL is  a simplified construction system detailing how one reasonably fit person can construct a small building like a garage or garden shed with minimum initial investment.

OLD TIME SINGALONG can make you the star of your own singalong show.