Old-time Singalong

YOU can be the STAR in your

own singalong show.


You can download this  ABSOLUTELY FREE package of  old-time songs – ready to use “right out of the box”.

Not only the music but also the lyrics and chords which you can display on a TV screen. Lyrics for the singing audience and chords for any musicians who can strum along.

Your audience will mostly be older folks who fondly  remember the good old songs from their younger days.   Many of our older citizens lead a lonely existence.  They no longer have their fellow workers with whom to socialize. Usually no partner. The TV does not give them the interaction they need to keep alert.  Your singalong presentation will give them a chance to  PARTICIPATE in something they remember from long ago.   The elderly in your nearby senior’s residences, nursing homes and senior’s activity centers need just this kind of stimulation.

So let’s get started

Firstyou need a specific WINDOWS player to present your songs. If you are reading this on your phone, perhaps I should emphasize that this is a WINDOWS app which you will need to download onto your computer.

Click Here to download the Serenade for MP3 player onto your PC.  This is a free-trial application and to use it for more than 30 days will cost you the princely sum of ten US dollars.

Try it for free  you’ll like it

Now you need some songs.  Perhaps I should warn you that this will be a sizeable download - about 2 GB - in case you would prefer to download it on WIFI.  Be patient.  This download will take a while.

Click here to download the SONGS folder which contains the music (backing tracks) plus lyrics and chord progressions of  hundreds of old songs – those I can still remember from my youth. When you have downloded the package, you will have to un-zip the "SONGS.zip" file. perhaps by right-clicking it and selecting EXTRACT.  Now move the unzipped SONGS folder into the top of your  C:\   drive.  If you are having trouble unzipping the Songs file, it may be your computer does not have a ZIP app.  There are plenty of free programs  if you google FREE ZIP APP.

If you have decided to load  your player with, for example, the OLDIES 1  playlist, the player will be programmed to look for songs from the  C:\SONGS\OLDIES   folder of your computer so it is important that you locate all of the extracted SONGS download there. 

When you have the SONGS folder unzipped and moved to the root of your C:\ drive, then we can try out your new player.

OK – Let’s go

- Instal and open the Serenade free trial player app

- Display the player full-screen.

- Under Window select Playlist

- Under Settings set the Songtext size to 72

- Under File select Load Playlist

- Navigate to C:\SONGS/Playlists

- Load any one of the playlists; each has  an hour or more of singalong music

- In the upper right-hand box, go all the way to the top and highlite the uppermost song name – (the one just below the dotted line)

- Click PLAY, then sit back and sing along as the player continues for about an hour.

This website makes it easy for you to bring a few hours of happiness to your elderly fellow citizens and here is one usical  instrument you can master  in hours – the   AUTOHARP.


At the top of this page, you can see Julia playing her SUZUKI Autoharp. She is pressing the chord keys with her left hand  and stroking the strum-plate with the fingertips of her right hand

The first one of these I owned was the original steel-string model which required a big part of my life just trying to keep it’s many strings anywhere close to “in tune”.

The more modern electronic model is always in perfect tune.

You might try playing one at your local musical instrument store.


I am playing an Oscar Schmidt baritone ukelele.
This instrument has nylon strings (easier on the fingertips than steel strings)  and a built-in microphone so it plays through an amplifier , producing an excellent sound for a nylon-string instrument.

If you have an HTMI cable, you can connect your laptop to a TV for a big-screen presentation.

Let’s think about the chords. If you can strum a guitar (or have a guitar-playing friend) just follow the chords underneath each line of the lyrics.

This is not really essential. The MP3 file provides all the music you actually need
but someone chording along will jazz up your presentation.

Most of the songs are in the key of C and call for C, F, D and G chords. Only occasionally E and A chords so you can fake those if necessary. Songs I can’t sing in the key of C are in the key of F, requiring only one extra chord – Bb.

Songs with more difficult chord progressions have been omitted.

Every song comes in two files - one for the music and the other for the data. Even if you do not intend to be a singalong star, you are welcome to any of the material on this site.

For example you can listen to the melody by playing the MP3 file on any music player. If you are interested in the lyrics and/or chord progression, you can open the srm file in Notepad.

Or, if you have the Serenade player, open the Editor window, load any MP3 file from one of the folders in C:\SONGS and then click PLAY.

All the songs start with a few seconds of silence to let the old folks catch their breath while you make a short verbal introduction.

The Notes folder has WORD files showing when the songs were written and which singer made them a hit.  You can print out these notes and refer to them when introducing each song.

I hope you enjoy the music

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